Member Artists
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acrylic - Richmond, MA
mixed - troy, NY
Andrews, Karen
Photography, Watercolor, Drawing - West Stockbridge, MA
Arre-Gerber, Kim E
Acrylic - Pittsfield, MA
oils, digital painting - Stockbridge, MA
oil, acrylic, pencil - S. Lee, MA
Clay, collage, multimedia - Lenox, MA
Oils, Charcoal, Pencil - Pittsfield, MA
Blyth, Birgit
Photography - Richmond, MA
Acrylic paint on canvas, paper and wood - North Adams, MA
oil painting - GREAT BARRINGTON, MA
Brancato, Carolyn Kay
Oil - Richmond, MA
watercolor of animals and landscapes - Copake, NY
Braun, Peggy
photography, monoprinting - Pittsfield, MA
watercolor - Pittsfield, MA
Oil - Richmond, MA
oils - Stockbridge, MA
Butterworth, Amy
Ceramics - West Stockbridge, MA
Cameron, Joy M
Stone - Pittsfield, MA
oil - Pittsfield, MA
watercolor - Pittsfield, MA
Photography - South Egremont, AL
Oil, jewelry - South Egremont, MA
watercolor - Lenox, MA
Oil - West Stockbridge, MA
Cast sculptures from clay - Great Barrington, MA
Fine Art Photography, Photo Art - Lenox, MA
photography, painting, pastel - Great Barrington, MA
Coco, Louis Peter
Oil - Richmond, MA
Oil - Le e, MA
Acrylic - Pittsfield , MA
Oil, charcoal, other - Lee, MA
Oil and Watercolor - Lenox, MA
Acrylic, watercolor - South Egremont, MA
acrylic - South Egremont, MA
Daynard, Carol
Mixed Media - Lenox, MA
Del Rossi, Jacqueline
oils - Lenox, MA
Oil on wood; white contrast portraits - Lenox, MA
Doerr, Robert Glenn
oil,pen and ink - Chatham, NY
Dolmanisth, Karen L.
All - Southfield, MA
Donovan, Robert
watercolor - Richmond, MA
Photography - Pittsfield, MA
Dotchin, Margaret (Peg) Lenore
Oils, pastels - Lenox, MA
digital, illustration, cartooning, animation - Pittsfield, MA
Multi media - Stockbridge, MA
oil - Lenox, MA
digital photography - canaan, NY
Watercolor, pencil, acrylic - Pittsfield, MA
Watercolor, oils - Pittsfield, MA
Acrylic - Richmond, MA
watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, metal - Richmond, MA
oil, pastel, photography, mixed - Pittsfield, MA
Sculpture, Oil - Richmond, MA
Oil - Richmond, MA
Fulop, John
drawing, watercolor, design, architect - West Stockbridge, MA
Geller, Susan
Photography - Lenox, MA
Oil - Dalton, MA
photography - glendale, MA - Pittsfield, MA
Photography - Lenox, MA
Acrylic, Pastel, Mixed Media - Richmond, MA
I am a painter - Lenox, MA
oil - New Lebanon, NY
Oil - Lenox, MA
Greenhalgh, Howard
Oil - Richmond, MA
Greenwald, Mitchell
photography - Glendale, MA
Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylics, Ink - Stephentown, NY
oil, watercolor, pastel - Canaan, NY
Photography - Great Barringtin, MA
oil - New Ashford, MA
Photography, Mixed Media - Richmond, MA
Hatch, Sarah Stokes
All - Lenox, MA
Watercolor, oils - Richmond, MA
Acrylics, Watercolor - Lenox, MA
Horvath, Robert T
oil - Lenox, MA
Hotchkiss, Joel
Mobiles - West Stockbridge, MA
Collage - Stockbridge, MA
oil and acrylic painting - Pittsfield, MA
photography, acrylic, oils, pastel, print - Housatonic, MA
watercolor, acrylic, oil, pen and ink - Lenox, MA
Oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor - Lenox, MA
Ceramic Art - Tyringham, MA
oils, printmaking - Richmond, MA
Oils, Acrylics, Digital - Cazenovia, NY
Kelly, Carol
Watercolor - Lenox, MA
Kelly, Ken
Photography - Lenox, MA
Acrylic - Pittsfield , MA
photography - Lenox, MA
Acrylics,Oil, Sculpture, dig Art - Richmond, MA
acrylic, mixed media - Southfield, MA
Oil, watercolor, pencil - Pittsfield, MA
Paper collage, wood block prints - Becket, MA
Photography, acrylic - Santa Cruz, MA
watercolor, collage, - Great Barrington, MA
watercolor, graphite pencil - Plainfield, MA
water color, multi media - Lee, MA
Clay, Styrofoam - Egremont , MA
Acrylics - Lee, MA
Oil - S. Hadley, MA
Levin, Lear
Photography - West Stockbridge, MA
Paint, sculpture, photography - Lenox, MA
Lipkowitz, Nina P
Watercolor(multi Medium), iPad paintings - Great Barrington, MA
encaustic, multi-media - Great Barrington, MA
Photography & printmaking - Montclair , NJ
Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Pastels - Pittsfield, MA
textiles - quilting - Pittsfield, MA
oil, watercolor - Great Barrington, MA
Mancia, John
Photography, Stone Sculpture - West Stockbridge, MA
Mancia, Linda
Water color - West Stockbridge, MA
Watercolor,acrylic - New York, NY
Martens, Irena
Sculpture:wood, multi media - West Stockbridge, MA
Ceramics, candles, artisan skincare - Great Barrington, MA
oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, mixed - Adams, MA
oil, pastel - South Egremont, MA
Mixed Media - Great Barrington, MA
acrylic, collage, construction - Pittsfield, MA
Ceramics - Richmond, MA
oil, watercolor - Vadito, NM
Oils and Watercolor - Pittsfield, MA
Acrylics, watercolors, wool fibers - Pittsfield, MA
watercolor, oil, mixed media - Lenox, MA
Newberger, Carolyn
portaings, paintings, drawings, watercolor, - Lenox, MA
oils, charcoal, pastels - Becket, MA
colored pencil, oil paint, ink - Tyringham, MA
virgin and persian wool - Great Barrington, MA
Oil,watercolor - South Egremont, MA
Oil and Acrylic - Hinsdale, MA
Landscape, Oil, Plein Air painting - Lanesborough, MA
Ceramics - Pittsfield , MA
Photography, West Stockbridge Select Board - West Stockbridge, MA
graphite, watercolor - Great Barrington, MA
Drawing, Ink - Richmond, MA
Polk, Bill
Pastels - Lenox, MA
watercolor - West Stockbridge, MA
Photography - Lenox, MA
Photography, Painting: Oil, Acrylics, Mixed M - Framingham, MA
Photography - Lenox, MA
oil - scotch plains, NJ
acrylics on canvas - Great Barrington, MA
Acrylic, mixed media, gouache - Pittsfield , MA
Roszkowski, Denise - Secretary & Board Member
oil - Lenox, MA
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Watercolor, Drawing - Stockbridge, MA
oil, acrylic - Great Barrington, MA
Sabino, Susan
Fine Art Photography - Richmond, MA
Sasson, Joan E
Pastel - South Lee, MA
Pastel, Oil - West Stockbridge, MA
Schiffer, Myron
photography - Lenox, MA
oil - New York, NY
oil, tempera, acrylics, charcoal, photography - Lee, MA
Mixed Media - Richmond, MA
Sewall, Joan
Photography, Fused Glass, Pottery - West Stockbridge, MA
digital photography, oil painting - Lee. , MA
Clay - Hillsdale, NY
watercolor and gouache - Lenox, MA
Ceramics - West Stockbridge, MA
Smith, Anne Wickham
Oil - Lenox, MA
Smith, Debbie Detwiller
oil, arylic, watercolor, mixed - Lenox, MA
photography - Stephentown, NY
Drawing, painting, monotype, 3D assemblage - Pittsfield, MA
Oil - Great Barrington, MA
watercolor - Austerlitz, NY
Thaute, Margareta
watercolor, photography - Alford, MA
Pen and ink/mixed media - Pittsfield, MA
oils, acrylics - Lenox, MA
Watercolor, oil, charcoal - Lee, MA
Pen, pencil, water colors, clay - Otis, MA
oil paint, collage, cold wax - Westfield, NJ